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Blogtober also seems to be 'Praise Chuck Palahniuk Month' for me. I never realised how many things he's said or done that I really enjoy. I also found out that he's working on a Fight Club comic follow-up to the book, which is extremely exciting for a fan like me.

I read this book after I saw the film, and I'm kind of glad I did because I'll admit the book was a bit difficult to follow at times because of the writing style, but it's good none the less. I'd be surprised if anyone hasn't seen atleast the film as it's such a good storyline, with some great actors, too. The blurb is absolutely perfect for showing exactly the reasons why I love this book so much. Fight Club is such a mad, crazy idea which keeps you trying to figure things out for just long enough to get you hooked.

Helene in Between Blogtober

The Time Traveller's Wife came a close second as my favorite book, but Fight Club just pipped it to the post. Missed yesterday's post? Read up on Day 24 of Blogtober here.


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