Seeing Double

Hullo, my Pixels!

I would like to welcome you properly to the New Year, with an adorable little nickname for you all (if I eventually get an actual audience to classify as my 'Pixel Family') and another new drawing, like I promised you.

It was quite a weird experience trying to draw myself, I didn't really know what to do or where to start. I just wanted to try out a few face shapes, try and discover my artistic style, so why not start with the thing I see every single day? My imagination always seem to trail behind my motivation when drawing, so I couldn't really go wrong with my own face, surely.

Honestly, I'm really enjoying this so far. I know it's only my second blog post, but I'm so happy that I've finally created a hobby for myself that I enjoy and can use to develop my art/writing skills. I guess this is a second introductory post, but more about introducing myself, really, rather than the blog, as I want you guys to attach my personality with my blog posts! I'm still trying to figure out a 'staple' type of theme to post about, but that would be thrown in with whatever I feel like drawing and a little blog post related to that doodle, kinda like this one. I just started to transfer my face into a weird, digital self-portrait and thought it would be a nice way to say hi.

I really want to have a focus of the whole blog, but I honestly think it'll end up being quite random, with odd bits here and there; maybe some personal (but funny) stories of mine, or a little weekly advice thing added to the mix, perhaps focusing on a specific relevant topic for that week - who knows! But of course, all the blog posts will have a cutesy little doodle at some point, illustrating whatever it is I'm writing about. I would like to even take request type things from people in the future, once enough people are interested. I think that could create some interesting challenges, as well as letting me connect with my Pixel Family.

Anyways, I think I've rambled on enough, I'm glad I didn't say this was gonna be a short introduction.


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